Friday, July 31, 2020

Summer with Mija Sangria

thenuriarose enjoying a refreshing sangria

  If you catch me smiling today, it's because I'm here enjoying this beautiful summer weather at the Chesapeake Bay drinking some refreshing ready to drink bottles of Sangria, from Mija Sangria. A relaxing scene + Mija Sangria,  my 2020 summer!
  Mija Sangria is made in New York with premium wine and 100% real unfiltered  fruit juice for a true homemade taste. Also,  it is crafted without artificial additives or preservatives, Mija is packed with antioxidants from the juice of super fruits including pomegranate, acai and blood orange. Mija Sangria has become the best sangria I have ever taste, if you want to know more information or Ideas how to serve  Mija Sangria go to Kisses loves and Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Nuria Rose.

thenuriarose enjoying a refreshing sangria
Refreshing 100 % real fruit Sangria
thenuriarose enjoying a refreshing sangria



Monday, May 4, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide Ideas

Spring / Summer Dress

  As Mom used to say " time flies so take advantage of every opportunity that come your way ". My Mother was such a positive thinker and just loved life. One of her favorite holidays she loved was Mother's Day. My mother loved being pampered by those of us who really loved her so much. Even though she knew that we loved her we could never surprise her because she knew how special that day was for us to celebrate mom. So, in memory of my mom, today's post I'm sharing some gift ideas for Mother's Day!  

  I hope this guide helps you find something you love or gives you some inspiration !
Kisses Nuria Rose , xx


Take gift set to the next level with this NuFace Fix Wanderlust Gift Set . $149 ( Shop Now
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Gift Set . $129 ( Shop Now )
Roses De ChloƩ $95 ( Shop Now
Hair care

Lets not forget about Mom's Hair !
Also, this Karastase Genesis Hair Mask $62 ( Shop Now )

Woman accessories

My Mom loved Accessories , so here Im bringing some of my favorites one !
Cuero #12 Drop Earrings $128  ( Shop Now )
Celia Embellished Clutch   $78 ( Shop Now
Woman jewelry

14k Gold 1/2 Carat T.W. IGL Certifies Diamond Sunburt Stud Earrings ( Shop here
Two Hearts Forever One Tri Tone Sterling Silver 1/2 Carat Diamond Heart Pendant ( Shop here)
Skincare tools
NuFACE Mini Wanderlust Gift Set $199 ( Shop Now )
Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Oil Set ( Shop Now )
Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De - Tox Hydra - Gel Eye Patches $52 ( Shop Now )
Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Set $110 ( Shop Now )

Also, here are some dresses that you would like to shop for Spring / Summer !



Monday, April 20, 2020

2020 Cherry Blossom : Thenuriarose Update

white off the shoulder top with cherry blossom print skirt

      " Where Flowers Bloom so does Hope " ( Lady Bird Johnson )  

   Nuria Rose Update - Spring is here already and the things we were focused on in February are no longer top of the list... not even by a long shot. As I'm going through my photos on my phone gallery, I found this Spring style from last year. This photo was taken around this time at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival. It's a beautiful place to see and gives that spring vibes. This spot and many others in Washington, D.C. and many others around the country have been shut down this year duo to Covid-19 Pandemic. It is unbelievable how things have changed almost overnight and now we have a different " Normal " . 
   As I try to cope with the new  " Normal " I'm trying to discover new things that brings joy and also keep my mind happy. Things like reading a book, organizing the house and believe it or not, I found that cooking is fun! of course I listened to music  while I'm cooking. And on my social media , I have tried to join forces with other beautiful bloggers to spread positive messages and good vibes to our followers and we came get through this together. Also, I want to facilitate a way to help support by donating if we can to those whom were affected by Covid-19  here in the USA and other countries as well. Down below, you will find links to charity organizations if you are able to help. Stay safe and together we will get through this! Kisses, Nuria Rose

-- >  Global Giving Corona virus Relief Fund   -->  World Central Kitchen   -->  Feeding America  -->   Unicef 

white off the shoulder top with cherry blossom print skirt


Wednesday, March 25, 2020



   Hello Amores Nuria Rose here and today,  I want to say that my heart go out to everyone during these tough times. Everyone Is impacted directly and indirectly by COVID-19. Some of us in worse situations than others. I try to remain optimistic that we as human beings can come together and help one another in this hour of need while respecting and practicing social distancing. 
   As American Micro - Influencer and Healthcare worker,  I'm using my social media  platforms,   posting images with captions shared by the CDC with information regarding the prevention of spreading Covid-19.  I’m practicing the CDC guidelines by staying at home when I’m not required to work and I too practice social Distancing and constantly wash my hands and remind others to do so too. This way I’m keeping my family and others safe. I recognize we have a long road ahead until some vaccine is developed to help combat this virus. I’m praying that will be over soon. As right now this is my stay of mind and I wanted to shared it with you all. Stay safe and together we will get through this!   Kisses,  Nuria Rose.



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