Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring Essentials : : Spring Sales

I'm beginning to think on shifting my winter wardrobe into Spring clothing, now the Spring is around the corner. And, in taking advantage on many  Spring clothing sales that are going on now. Here are a couple of favorites brands that I have been eyeing on : Nasty Gal ( 40% off everything when you use code GIMME40 ), Banana Republic ( 50% off no code needed), Express ( 40 % off Spring Dresses and Tees for $14.90 ) , Abercrombie & Fitch ( all jeans 50% off ) , Loft ( Outfit - makers ), Bloomingdale's, Asos and Shopbop.  These ones are a couple of my favorites brands, also, I have started to incorporate Spring patters and colors in my looks already.

With that being said I will leave you with some of my recent Spring Inspiration looks , let me know which one is your favorite. Are you incorporating colors into your styles?
comment below, xx 

First Look 
All white with a Floral Jacket 

Second Look 
The Floral Dress 
Floral dress
Floral dress

Third Look 
The Soft Colors and Lightweight Jacket 
Spring moto jackets
Spring moto jackets
Spring moto jackets


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Winter - to - Spring Outfit Ideas : : Getting ready for Spring

Spring is beginning to creep in slowly here in Virginia with temperature reaching the 70 degree mark here and there. Looks like I will have to give my jeans and leggings a break and start rearranging my wardrobe for the upcoming warmers months. 

Lets begin my winter/ spring looks with this tulle skirt style. I was going for a chic, girly but flirty  so,  I paired the tulle skirt with this Shein black off the shoulder fur top and my Jessica Simpson Blush Pink Pumps. Spring and winter look book . 

Now lets take a look at the second outfit with this gingham skirt. I found gingham patter  a pretty and feminine pattern so, I decided to give this gingham skirt an edge / chic look by pairing it with a button up wool coat.
 What do you think about both styles ?Which one is your favorite? Are you getting ready for Spring ? Comment below , much love
Nuria Rose , xx  

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


ripped jean and gray jacket

Today I will begin by saying " Happy New Year " to my wonderful followers.
 On this first post of 2018 is to bring awareness, education, and myth busting about Organ Donation.
   As December 15, 2017  Donè Vìda ( Donate Life America) a nonprofit federally-designated organization in charge of the recovery of organs, eye and tissue for transplantation, statistics say that there are 115,757 people on the waiting list for organ transplant in the United States. Just alone in the Washington, D.C area there are 2,203 people waiting for a life saving organ transplant. As you can see there is an extreme need for organ donation.
Unfortunately, many people doesn't know how important it is to register as a donor. Generally, donors are people who die suddenly and unexpectedly. Therefore, their families are faced with making the decision in a moment of pain and sadness.
If you are inspired to register as a Organ Donor but still skeptical about donating your organs, here are the most commonly asked question.

First question
 If I have a heart on my driver's license, the doctors will not try to save my life?
                           • Actually, Medical professionals do not have access to this information and cannot                                 proceed with organ donation without calling Donè Vìda. 

Second question
 I'm too old or too sick to donate?
                            • You are never too sick or too old to donate. Almost all of organ donation cases 
                               happen after death and medical professionals will determinate if someone can be 
                               an organ donor. 

Third question 
My religion does not support donation?
                            • All mayor religions support donation. If you have any question, please talk to                                      your  religious leader or spiritual adviser. 

Last question 
There is a cost to be an organ, eye and tissue donor? 
                            • There is no cost to the donor's family for donation. The donor family pays only                                     for medical expenses before death and cost associated with funeral arrangements. 

 Today I'm invite you to learn more about organ donation ... Click on Donate Life to learn more !
 I hope that one day you will contribute to Donating life to another person who need it.
Remember giving others the opportunity to live on after you leave this world is the ultimate act of selfless love.

ripped jean and gray jacket
ripped jean and gray jacket
ripped jean and gray jacket


Monday, December 11, 2017


holidays gown and dresses

December is here and that means we can play dress up for the holidays and parties. So, on today's post I will be sharing some wonderful ideas that would be perfect for these holidays parties.
In case you are thinking of a non - traditional outfit, I have just the solution for that click here and you will find a post with variety of jumpsuit that are perfect.

As you can see on this post I was inspired by this stunning Marchesa Notte satin gown. This gown comes with an intricate gold beading sparkles around the waist that flatter the shape of the body. I added a pair of gold waterfall earrings and a black clutch as my accessories. Wearing size { 2R } for reference.

Here are some more dresses that are stunning and perfect for these holiday parties

holidays gownsvand dresses
holidays gown and dresses

Now that we have the Dress,  lets talk about Hair!
my hair it's at mid - length . The options to go with are side braids or add some accessories to hair for style. Here are some example of pretty pieces such as bobby pins, gold rhinestone headband or a flower comb. 

holidays gown and dresses
holidays gown and dresses

Click on Image to Shop ^_~ 
Thank you Loves for stopping by ! 

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