Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hello! NuriaRose here! If you want to participate in Halloween festivities and you don't want to spend that much money on costumes or have no time to try on a costume? There is an easy look in your closet and you won't believe the ideas you can come up with.

 I came up with my Skelly Costume and all I spent was $10. I bought the  skeleton gloves, Skeleton tights and the white paint for my face. The dress and the shoes i found buried in my closet. ;)  Another alternative is just paint your face and wear the little black dress that was dangling in your closet just brush off the spider webs. lol
Whalah ! I'm Skelly Rose.

My husband did the same and created his own costume. He dressed up as "Zorro". What do you guys think about these ideas? If you ask me, Not too bad for Halloween night.
Hope I gave you Bellas an Idea!  
Besos NuriaRose


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