Thursday, October 1, 2015


Here we're team Happy 


Made it to station " BLUE" 3 more Colors to go !!

We Finish The Happiest 5K!!

After Party with "SHOUT


 Fun, fun, fun! The only way  I can describe the " Shine" TheColorRun.
   The Color Run took place at National Harbor,MD. An 1hr30min away from our home. When I signed up i was allowed to choose the time slot that i wanted to run in. I choose the early slot 9:15am. Early bird catches the worm. Even though waking up early is hard, I thought it will be best for the kids to run early morning. Our registration package  included the t-shirt, the fun tattoo, and the headbands. The Medals, SHINE powder pack, and Color Packs were given to us at the Finish Line. 

   It was my boy's and my husband's first time running this race.  The way I see it, we're coming back to the Happiest 5k in the Planet next year. The Color Run stations were the kid's favorite! There were Five colors stations: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange and the new addition Glitter ( The Shine). Also, I noticed that they were really careful at throwing the colors at small participants. I really appreciated that because i was concerned that my 4yr old might get it in his eyes. Along the way were professional photographer taking pictures after each color station and finish line. I thought that it was convenient for those that are not  caring their phones or don't want to add colors to the family camera during the run.

   Then we joined the after party with "Shout". We posed for different pictures. The color run pictures and the "Shout-it-out" pictures are above. We participated in the Shout inflatable obstacle race and we won t-shirts, yeah! In All everything turn out wonderful and fun. It was a great experience!  I highly recommend "The Color Run!"

I hope my experience help and thank you for stopping by 

Besos x

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