Wednesday, May 31, 2017

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Hello Nuriarose here again! 
On today's post thenuriarose joins forces with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. This Campaign focuses on the importance of parents needing to talk with their teens about sex and educate them about that importance of this topic. More than a single conversation, it is a topic that must be addressed gradually and naturally as they grow. There are facts stating that teens are consistently influenced by their parents and not their peers, not partners, not popular culture, when it comes to decisions about relationship and sex. Today I invite you to talk to your teen, don't be shy, have the conversation.

As parents it is really important to have this conversation with them, just remember that you are the person they want to hear.  I was a teen once and I did't have this conversation with my parents, trust me it was a shock when I hear it from my teacher. I would have preferred to have this conversation with my parents than with a stranger.   
Visit for more helpful tips and information. 

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Multi-colors lace dress

Hello corazones, Nuriarose here!
I hope this holiday weekend was a blast for all of you!
My family and I had a great time in North Carolina. 
The three days we enjoyed the company of my parents and brothers. 
what you did this holiday weekend?

Multi-colors lace dressmulti-color lace dress

On today's post I'm wearing this beautiful multi-colors Alexis lace dress. The
colorful layers of this dress are stacked on top of each other to create this bold and romantic style.

Multi-colors lace dress
Multi-colors lace dress
Alexis Lace dress  here  { Affordable  here  } / Shoes here 

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Monday, May 22, 2017


Ivory Sweetheart Jumpsuit

 What do you think about this Classy and Elegant Jumpsuit?

On today's post I'm wearing this strapless Amanda Uprichard Jumpsuit. This ultra glam sweetheart neckline makes an alluring statement that takes this jumpsuit to another level. I paired with my favorite heels at the moment. I gave this outfit a sweet and sexy look by adding some accessories from Midori Linea .  You too can accessorize your outfit like I did by going to Midori Linea Accessories and use promo code thenuriarose  and  get 20% off on Midori Linea Jewelry

This jumpsuit is perfect for a dinner date, or a girls night out. In my case I wore this fabulous piece to a dinner date with my better half.
Hope you amores love the look as much I did.

Ivory Sweetheart Jumpsuit
Ivory Sweetheart Jumpsuit
Ivory Sweetheart Jumpsuit
Ivory Sweetheart Jumpsuit
Ivory Sweetheart Jumpsuit {  here  / Affordable  here }
Heals  { sold out/ similar here }
Pink Varina Clutch  here 


Midori Linea Hand Chain  here 
Midori Linea high Necklace  here 
Use { thenuriarose } code to get 20% off 


Monday, May 1, 2017


Blue Bell sleeves off the shoulder top

Hello Nuriarose here again!
On today's post I will be sharing one of my favorite trends this Spring. The off the shoulder and bell sleeves, top. They are so comfortable, feminine and really easy to style.  
I'm wearing this brigitte off the shoulder top. This elegant piece is made with an Eco - textile blend. This wrap top sits right at the shoulder with an embroidered neckline and flounce sleeves.
  For this look, I wore my white Ripped Skinny jean and my super comfortable lace up wedges. You can also style this off the shoulder top with black skinny jean,  as the embroidered neckline it's black, add pointy toe pumps and voilĂ  you're ready.

Blue Bell sleeves off the shoulder topBlue Bell sleeves off the shoulder topBlue Bell sleeves off the shoulder top

Blue Bell sleeves off the shoulder top
Blue Bell sleeves off the shoulder top
 Amur Blue Off - the - Shoulder Top  { wearing xs  here / affordable  here }
White Ripped Skinny Jean  here 
Lace up Clairy Wedge  here

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