Monday, April 20, 2020

2020 Cherry Blossom : Thenuriarose Update

white off the shoulder top with cherry blossom print skirt

      " Where Flowers Bloom so does Hope " ( Lady Bird Johnson )  

   Nuria Rose Update - Spring is here already and the things we were focused on in February are no longer top of the list... not even by a long shot. As I'm going through my photos on my phone gallery, I found this Spring style from last year. This photo was taken around this time at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival. It's a beautiful place to see and gives that spring vibes. This spot and many others in Washington, D.C. and many others around the country have been shut down this year duo to Covid-19 Pandemic. It is unbelievable how things have changed almost overnight and now we have a different " Normal " . 
   As I try to cope with the new  " Normal " I'm trying to discover new things that brings joy and also keep my mind happy. Things like reading a book, organizing the house and believe it or not, I found that cooking is fun! of course I listened to music  while I'm cooking. And on my social media , I have tried to join forces with other beautiful bloggers to spread positive messages and good vibes to our followers and we came get through this together. Also, I want to facilitate a way to help support by donating if we can to those whom were affected by Covid-19  here in the USA and other countries as well. Down below, you will find links to charity organizations if you are able to help. Stay safe and together we will get through this! Kisses, Nuria Rose

-- >  Global Giving Corona virus Relief Fund   -->  World Central Kitchen   -->  Feeding America  -->   Unicef 

white off the shoulder top with cherry blossom print skirt

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